Feminist Philosophers Support Pluralists’ Guide

Aug 10th, 2011 | By | Category: Feminist Support for the Guide

Statement of Feminist Philosophers concerning the Pluralist’s Guide to Philosophy

We, the undersigned, publicly support the efforts of the new Pluralist’s Guide to Philosophy in both of its endeavors: to provide new sources of information on areas of philosophy that are still underrepresented in major doctoral programs and to provide information on the conditions for women and minorities in those programs.  Philosophy has lagged behind the humanities and social sciences in its level of inclusiveness and diversity, a problem that adversely affects the caliber of all philosophical work. For decades now, feminist philosophers have been at the forefront of efforts to address sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and the general climate for women and other minority groups in philosophy, and to develop new and innovative areas of philosophical work. We know from many years of experience how difficult these efforts can be, and how often those who engage in these efforts are attacked, mis-characterized, and preemptively dismissed.  In light of this experience, we have been dismayed at the level of vitriol and misinformation being perpetrated against some named and some unnamed feminists. We welcome constructive input about how to strengthen these efforts to provide more information on areas of philosophy that are underrepresented in major doctoral programs and urge all who work in these important areas of philosophy to contribute. And we call on the philosophical community to support initiatives, such as the Pluralist’s Guide, to make our profession more hospitable to women, and to women and men from underrepresented social sectors.

Debra Bergoffen

Susan Bordo

Joan Callahan

Claudia Card

Linda Fisher

Nancy Fraser

Sandra Harding

Nancy J. Holland

Eva Kittay

Hilde Lindemann

Ladelle McWhorter

Sharon M. Meagher

Phyllis Rooney

Ofelia Schutte

Laurie Shrage

Nancy Tuana

Georgia Warnke

Alison Wylie

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